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Retail Risk – the world’s biggest Loss Prevention Conference 2019 will take place this Friday, August 29 at Pier One Sydney Harbour, 11 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay, in Sydney.
The Retail Risk conference series are very popular among retail risk and loss prevention professionals around the world. It is free for all retailers and it addresses hot topics such as fraud in the ecommerce sphere, retail loss prevention, behavior detection, security and counter terrorism, loss prevention, risk and sustainability, etc.

Loss Prevention Conference 2019 in Sydney will host a few invaluable speakers:

  • Elisa Browning- Commercial Risk Specialist, The Cotton On Group
  • Terri Keevers- Fraud Control Officer, Accent Group Ltd.
  • Robert Evans-Senior Manager APP Asia Pacific, Burberry
  • Zohaib Rizvi – Regional Retail Risk Manager, Forever New Clothing
  • Mark Boyd – Head of Profit Protection, JD Sports Fashion Australia and Glue Store
  • Doug Pobjoy – Inventory Integrity Manager
  • Daren Ng – Deputy General Manager and Director of Business Operations for Asia Pacific, Sensormatic Retail Solutions
  • Trinity Ambler – Senior Account Manager, APAC, Ethoca
  • Steve Brass – Director, Brassets Group, etc.

Our COO, Scott Taylor, security, safety and risk expert, is one of the speakers of Retail Risk 2019. In his presentation, Scott looks at the current threat level in the region and focuses on the risks of the retail environment- “mixed-use destinations” and how to tackle them:

  • The effect of enhanced security focus on the customer experience.
  • “People with good intentions want to be noticed – people with bad intentions don’t”.
  • How to extend the security sphere of influence around your site.
  • Suspicious behaviour awareness and “Soft Contact”.
  • How to develop an “Eyes Wide Open” approach.
  • Commensurate level training of support staff (expanded upon in round table).

In addition to the presentation, Scott will be running a round table discussion addressing topics such as:

  • Cleaners, Maintenance staff and shop managers are all extra eyes and ears – what training should they receive?
  • Support staff as assistance first responders?
  • How to enhance situational awareness.
  • Benefits of scenario training/reality acquisition – adds social/emotional and reality element.
  • Collaboration training with emergency services, other retailers and key personnel.
  • Summary activity reporting/intelligence sharing and what to do with all this data?

Interested to learn more about retail risk and loss prevention, motivated to ask questions and debate on topics mentioned above?! Join us at Retail Risk 2019 and take advantage to interact with Southern Cross Group’s Security Consulting Specialist, Scott Taylor, and learn new facts about security, safety and loss prevention management.

Date: August 29
Time: 8.45 am-5.15pm
Presentation (Scott Taylor): 2pm
Round Table Discussion (Scott Taylor) : 3 pm

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