Southern Cross Group Services is the industry leader for security robots – being the very first to introduce a robot security guard to the Australian Security market.

Robotics offer unique advantages when compared to other forms of security and therefore form an integral part of SCGS’ security services

Advantages of Security Robots:

  • A surveillance robot is not constrained by human limitations e.g. is not subject to fatigue, shortcomings in vision, memory … etc.
  • Robotics protect the welfare of the human workforce, as a mobile robot can often replace humans in directly attending to dangerous and high-risk environments.
  • Robotics offer a more economically affordable alternative to traditional manpower meaning budget-tight clients will no longer have to compromise on their level of security.
  • Robotics maximise the value of other security measures which may have already been put in place. For example:
    • Powerful video-analytics backed CCTVs accumulate tremendous amount of data which in reality cannot be leveraged by patrolling guards due to their inability to practically store/process such large amounts of information. Consequently, the value of this expensive technology is mostly wasted by both the client and supplier. Implementing robotics however will extract the utmost value from these systems as a security patrol robot will directly communicate with these CCTVs and regulate its behaviour and movement patterns according to the data provided by them.
    • Through robotics, dedicated emergency response units will become more accessible as unlike other forms of security, robots really ‘stand out’ and will be easily identifiable in places of mass gatherings. As a result, the public will find it much easier to escalate any incidents in the case of an emergency.
  • Through robotics, the quality and quantity of security is 100% guaranteed for both clients and suppliers. Having a form of security which is completely programmable eliminates potential disasters from occurring e.g. guards intentionally not carrying out their duties, ghostling of hours … etc.
  • Robotics bridge the gap between other traditional forms of security, such as manpower and CCTV surveillance. They can be deployed in areas which are not captured by CCTV and which would be either too dangerous or too costly to designate human guards. Through bridging this gap, robotics utilised in conjunction with other forms of delivery produce a holistic level of security free from deficiencies.
  • Robotics help minimise the number of cases in which guards unethically manipulate employment laws to create mischief for their employers.

Southern Cross group Services offers a wide range of robots and tailor-made robotics solutions to cater to the individual needs of your organisation. We offer robotics both as a stand-alone solution, or as part of an integrated package consisting of supplementary forms of security.

Our expert security consultants would love to speak to you to understand your specific requirements and from there offer you options which are most ideal for you. To learn more, please contact us through

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