Drawing on experience with some of Australia’s most prestigious event and entertainment venues, Southern Cross Group has the capacity and expertise to secure any event.

Hosting events within the current security environment represents many security challenges and immense responsibility. The personal safety of patrons and assets is paramount. Southern Cross Group’s Security division specialise in minimising and mitigating risk to ensure a positive and safe environment at large events, exhibitions, festivals and concerts in private and public spaces.

We work closely with event promoters, organisers and stakeholders to design and implement the ideal security plan for a variety of events. Our event security guards are trained to manage scenarios and deal with issues that might otherwise compromise the safety and success of the event.

From risk and scenario planning to operations and communications, Southern Cross Group delivers a premium security experience for event organiser and their patrons.

Domenic Genua, President of the Events & Exhibition Association of Australasia (EEAA) & Marketing & Events Manager of the Boating Industry Association.

“It is imperative when planning a successful show that you surround yourself with people that are equally motivated for your success. Running an event the size of the Sydney International Boat Show means relying on a host of suppliers that can also carry your passion. Southern Cross Group is one of those companies who have become part of the broader boat show family.
Whilst the products and services on display play a critical role in fulfilling the needs of the visitor, the whole of show experience is the difference between having a good event or an excellent one. Southern Cross Group are our visitors first port of call. It is their welcome, their greeting, their willingness to step forward to help that makes them such an important part of making the boat show family, ingeniously done without ever forgetting they are a security company first and foremost”.


Security and specialist event guards are well trained in Ready Response Training, WHS and Counter-terrorism awareness to proactively analyse situations, and manage risks and incidents during events. Our professional security staff are available for your events.

Our experience in managing security at football events, registered clubs, major international conventions and exhibitions, festivals, concerts, public and private functions will help to ensure your security needs are met, resulting in successful outcomes.

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