Intercom systems

Intercom systems are electronic devices that enable two-ways communication between people via audio/video transmission. They are mainly used for residential buildings managed by Strata, commercial buildings, and industrial sites.

Southern Cross Group Services (SCGS) Electronics has more than 10 years’ experience in professionally installing and maintaining intercom systems in Sydney. We have helped hundreds of residential customers to secure their apartments with tailored intercom solutions.

5 Reasons to use intercom systems in apartment buildings
We are about to get technical here: Our Top 3 Intercom Systems are

IP Intercom

2-Wire Intercom

Industrial Intercom


Don’t take our word for it, check out what our customers say:

As a business owner, I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a reliable intercom system in place. We recently installed an intercom system in our office building, and it has made a significant difference in our daily operations. We can now communicate with visitors, vendors, and employees seamlessly, without having to leave our desks. The intercom system has also improved security, allowing us to restrict access to certain areas of the building. Overall, we’re very pleased with our investment in this intercom system and would highly recommend it to other businesses.

Jonathan A.

The intercom system in our comm building has been a fantastic addition. It’s so convenient to be able to communicate with guests, deliveries, and maintenance personnel without having to physically go to the door. Plus, the video feature adds an extra layer of security, allowing us to see who is at the door before granting access. The system is easy to use and has been very reliable. We’re very happy with our intercom system and would definitely recommend it to others.

Jenny G.

The SCGS intercom system in our apartment complex has been a game-changer for us. We used to have to physically go down to the lobby to let visitors in, which was inconvenient and time-consuming. But now, with the intercom system, we can easily communicate with visitors and let them in with just the push of a button. It’s been especially helpful during the pandemic when we wanted to minimize physical contact with strangers. Overall, we’re very happy with the system and would recommend it to anyone.

Michael S.

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