What is a Visitor Management System and why is it a must have for Modern Corporate Buildings?

Modern-day Corporate Security Services help manage the flow of visitors and suppliers in and through your facilities in a secure and efficient manner. Whether it be a person attending a meeting or event, or a trade service working onsite, the effective utilisation of your Visitor Management System (VMS) helps manage and track site visitors and helps ensure a positive overall visitor experience underpinned by security.

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How Office Facility Management Can Bring Back Your Employees

After a long year of working from home, and another year of juggling part-time-office schedules, the time has come for most businesses to call their employees back for full-time-office roles. And while the whole work-from-home situation has been great in some ways—no commute, more family time, being able to wear sweatpants all day—it’s also taken its toll. Employees are tired of staring at the same four walls day in and day out, and they’re craving the social interaction and collaboration that can only happen in person. That’s where office facility management comes in.

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4 Essential Security Services You Need in Your Business

Most business owners understand the importance of taking calculated risks, especially when they’re just starting. But if there is one thing that they would advise you against is risking the safety and protection of your business assets. Every business must invest in security services that ensure the protection and longevity of these assets. As an Australian business, there is a variety of security companies in Sydney to fulfill your business security requirements. This blog has put together the top essential security services for business that every company owner must invest in.

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Integrated Security Solutions
What services will I have access to through an integrated security services company?

The world today runs on digital technology which has made its way well into our day-to-day lives, connecting our homes, offices, schools, shops, and even places of worship. Man has access to information, people, and products no matter where he is. In such a reality, it is only fitting that we approach security – both to our physical and digital profiles and assets – as one that offers more comprehensive and end-to-end coverage. Gone are the days when security service companies used to offer compartmentalized services that covered physical and digital assets separately. Today, the world needs integrated security services and solutions that offer a single touchpoint for safety.

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Indigenous artwork

Ngara Djurali Grow Mirrung- Listen. Grow. Belong
We are thrilled to present our officially owned Aboriginal Artwork “Listen.Grow.Belong”, created by the Aboriginal artists Trevor Eastwood and Jason Douglas of Dalmarri.
It was an absolute pleasure working with the Dalmarri team in getting this artwork to represent Southern Cross Group Services. Thank you for doing such an amazing job.

Southern Cross Group
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Best Practices in Video Surveillance

Remote monitoring security systems have become a must-have that provide peace of mind anytime and anywhere. How do we go about getting the best value for money invested in video surveillance for instance? What are the best practices to increase their overall effectiveness and lifespan? Here are our 5 best tips to enhance your video surveillance systems systematically.

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