The world today runs on digital technology which has made its way well into our day-to-day lives, connecting our homes, offices, schools, shops, and even places of worship. Man has access to information, people, and products no matter where he is. In such a reality, it is only fitting that we approach security – both to our physical and digital profiles and assets – as one that offers more comprehensive and end-to-end coverage. Gone are the days when security service companies used to offer compartmentalized services that covered physical and digital assets separately. Today, the world needs integrated security services and solutions that offer a single touchpoint for safety.

What is Integrated Security Services?
Before we get into the list of services, it is important to understand what integrated security services actually mean and how different companies approach them. In simple terms, it stands for all security services that support and optimize the features of an integrated security system – a centralized platform that is effectively connected to all physical and digital safety touchpoints. The purpose of such platforms is to lower reaction time in case of a security violation, bring more accountability and standardization into security processes, better promote early detection of possible security threats, and give a single point of reference for all security health matters. It usually involves a combination of wireless alarms, video surveillance, access control devices, security personnel, etc. An integrated security system makes it so much easier to manage multiple security devices and resources.

What services are covered by Integrated Security Companies in Australia?
The concept of Integrated Security is relatively new and one that most traditional security companies in Australia are still trying to wrap their heads around. Some of them may even offer CCTV Cameras and Burglar alarms as standalone services, without being able to integrate them into a single management system. However, there are a few Integrated Security Companies in Sydney that are leading the game with well-organized and digitized security platforms and solutions. Let’s take a look at some of the common security solutions being offered by these companies.

  1. Video Surveillance and Monitoring: The most popular and effective security solution one can opt for today is a video surveillance system. Not only does it offer proper accountability and evidence in the event of a security breach, but an effective warning system connected to the surveillance system can actually prevent crimes from happening in the first place.
  2. Access Control Devices: A well-rounded security system is incomplete without physical and digital access control devices. Such devices, which were at one point favoured only by businesses to protect their employees and offices, are now more popular among individuals and homeowners as well. Bio-metric ID scanners are an example.
  3. Alarms and Audio Warning Systems: Everyone is familiar with fire alarms. But what we’re talking about is a little bigger than that. Audio warning systems that are connected to our video surveillance or access control devices and that set off an audio warning message in case of a breach of security. Such warning systems are vital in making our visual and biometric security devices effective.
  4. Audio/Video Analysis: AI-driven audio/visual analysis systems are today’s cutting-edge security must-have features. The data gathered from such analytics can help security officials narrow down on areas that need more attention and prevent security breaches from happening.
  5. Personnel: Integrated security services are incomplete without trained security personnel to monitor all devices, manage safety control measures, and defuse any hostile situations. These officials are specially trained and equipped with devices that keep them informed about remote security statuses in real-time and can mobilize response teams in the shortest timeframes to effectively handle any situation.

Can I get Integrated Security Services for Business?
Integrated security services are more about optimizing security systems in order to offer the best security. Every business that believes in process optimization and effective services can benefit greatly from an integrated security system. Unlike most residential security solutions, businesses and commercial spaces have numerous access points that are vulnerable to attack from the outside. Controlling, monitoring, managing, and safeguarding all the access points with multiple surveillance and alert systems can get quite daunting. With an integrated security system in place, businesses get the peace of mind to focus on their core operations and their stakeholders.



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