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Modern-day Corporate Security Services help manage the flow of visitors and suppliers in and through your facilities in a secure and efficient manner. Whether it be a person attending a meeting or event, or a trade service working onsite, the effective utilisation of your Visitor Management System (VMS) helps manage and track site visitors and helps ensure a positive overall visitor experience underpinned by security.

Having robust processes around your VMS can also assist greatly with asset management (access cards and/or tools assigned to site attendees) and whilst entrance processes can often be managed well in the premises, reconciling the temporary passes for those that have left is often overlooked and this can lead to a lack of ability to count the number of people onsite should an emergency occur.

The related communications framework of efficiently and professionally notifying your team that a meeting guest has arrived and has been processed/admitted and the provision of guest directions and information is another important factor that can all be managed well by your frontline Security Concierge positions if they are selected and trained well.

If the technology, people and processes are all managed effectively, it can translate to an effortless, seamless and engaging service experience onsite and this polished first impression sets the scene for positive interactions onsite.

Are you looking to create a seamless interaction for your visitors and customers yet keep your building safe? Contact us for a tailored security solution. You’ll listen, assess, advize and implement the safety measures for you.

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