Southern Cross Group supply and install CCTV solutions and provide both reactive and preventative maintenance. We help protect the safety and integrity of your business, staff and client welfare, public liability, asset and property protection via the use of CCTV Monitoring and response system 24/7.

Our team of highly skilled Control Centre operators and CCTV/Alarm Technicians will provide you the peace of mind to effectively run your business whilst offering substantial cost saving when compared to traditional physical security solutions.

All CCTV Monitoring is governed by our strict CCTV Code of Conduct which forms part of the induction process for all CCTV operators.
Our professional team of technicians will create a maintenance and service plan to ensure your security system operates optimally 24/7.

Why install CCTV surveillance cameras in your infrastructure? Click here for 7 reasons to choose CCTV for your business:

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