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Patrol security guards are critical in keeping our people, properties, assets, information and reputation safe. How do we keep them safe in return? Here are our top 10 safety tips for security patrol guards to remain safe and sound while performing their day and night patrols:

  1. Get proper training: ensure you have received proper training in self-defence, handling firearms, and other required skills. Attend regular training sessions and keep your skills up to date.
  2. Wear personal protective equipment (PPE): This includes your bulletproof vest, helmet, gloves, and any other gear required by your department. PPE can save your life in the event of an unexpected attack or incident.
  3. Be vigilant: Be alert and aware of your surroundings. Take note of any unusual or suspicious activity and be on the lookout for potential threats. Particularly pay attention to corners.
  4. Communicate: Always keep in touch with your National Operations Center or colleagues, keep them informed of your location and any potential hazards. It is essential for staying safe on patrol.
  5. Maintain a professional distance: Keep a safe distance, one arm away, from suspects or potential threats, and be cautious of sudden movements or aggression. Avoid getting too close to dangerous situations, as this can put you in harm’s way.
  6. Maintain clam and control during emergencies: It is easy to make mistakes and put yourself in a dangerous position when panicking. Try taking some deep breaths and relax when an emergency occurs. It is not easy but remember it will make a big difference on how you handle it.
  7. Follow the standard operating procedures: This includes calling for backup when necessary and following established protocols for reporting incidents.
  8. Maintain physical fitness: Staying physically fit can help you better respond to potentially dangerous situations. Make sure to engage in regular exercise and maintain a healthy diet to stay in peak physical condition. Also be aware of your limits. Don’t overdo it.
  9. Practice good mental health: Stress and trauma can take a toll on patrol officers. It is essential to take care of your mental health and seek support when needed. This includes taking breaks when necessary, seeking professional help, and engaging in self-care practices such as meditation and relaxation techniques.
  10. Be prepared for everything– You never know what might happen when you’re performing the patrols. Just get ready to deal with anything. It is handy to equip yourself with a first-aid kit in case if someone gets hurt, a flashlight to be able to see in the darker areas/corners, a whistle if you need help, etc.

Remember, staying safe on patrol requires a combination of awareness, preparation, and the use of appropriate equipment and procedures. By following these security guard Safety tips, you can help ensure your safety while on the job.

Security patrol guards are the first responders to any incidents that can occur on the premise. That’s why it is critical to keep themselves safe.

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  1. Ensuring the safety of security patrol guards is paramount. These tips highlight the importance of proper training, protective gear, vigilance, and communication. Staying physically fit and maintaining mental health are emphasized, underlining the holistic approach to guard safety.

  2. Nice Blog, list of tips u shared on patrol security guard was really helpful. Thanks for sharing with us.


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