Access Control Systems is the management of selective restriction of access to a place or other resource. When properly designed, monitoring of team members can be easily tracked, restricted access to selected areas with user defined times and dates.

An access control solution provides an historical, live and auditable trace of all people within the property or site for surveillance, safety, WH&S and evacuation purposes.

Southern Cross Group Services designs, sells, installs and services most major brands in the marketplace. Our capability for access control systems is extensive with the ability to deliver everything from a single stand-alone door to a global multi-site with high-level integrations into CCTV, Intercoms and Building Management Systems.

Several access control functions and features include:

  • Access tracking and monitoring;
  • Automated event reporting;
  • Direct interface with CCTV and back-to-base alarm monitoring systems;
  • Manage access for doors, elevators, car parks and vehicles;
  • Manage integration with people counting, air conditioning, lighting controls and power saving efficiency solutions;
  • Manage risk and enforce WHS policies using systems which dynamically reference the skill sets and competencies of the individual to automate authority rights;
  • Manage site lockdowns and emergency protocols;
  • Staff access;
  • Status alerts and automated distribution of alerts, site wide video distribution and audio alert solutions;
  • Visitor Management Solutions and Administration for automated control of access rights.

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