We welcome people from diverse backgrounds and are committed to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples through employment, relationships, training and career opportunities.

Reconciliation Action Plan:

We want to build stronger relationships and respect between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians and improve the economic opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their communities.

Southern Cross Group Services’ RAP is focused on three key areas:

• Emphasising respect • Enhancing relationships • Creating opportunities

National Reconciliation Week- that’s a wRAP!


NRW was rich in events for both Southern Cross Group Services and Southern Cross Pacific, starting with the Supply Nation Connect 2021 and finishing with an afternoon tea organized by Southern Cross Group Services & City Tattersalls Club. Our team had the opportunity to soft-launch our RAP and to hold a lively discussion about “What does Reconciliation mean for me?! What actions can I take here & now?”. Thank you, City Tattersalls Club for joining and Paul Newman for providing your perspective on reconciliation. You can view our Innovate RAP here.

Indigenous Artwork:


“The painting depicts Southern Cross Group Services’ and Southern Cross Pacific’s reconciliation journey. The two large concentric circles in the middle are the two companies, the blues being Southern Cross Group Services and the red, yellow, black, and white is Southern Cross Pacific.- Indigenous-artwork

Southern Cross Pacific:

Southern Cross Pacific is supported through its strategic business alliance with Southern Cross Group Services. Southern Cross Pacific is proud of its Indigenous ownership, and the focus placed on fostering economic development for Indigenous Australians. As a majority owned and managed Indigenous Australian business, it is guided by leading Indigenous business executive, Paul Newman.

Member of Supply Nation: Southern Cross Pacific is a Certified Supplier with Supply Nation, Australia’s leading directory of Indigenous business and procurement. This Certified Membership recognises Southern Cross Pacific as an organisation which is legitimately managed by an Indigenous Director and contributes to the advancement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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