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Southern Cross Group Services prioritizes your safety with exceptional security guard services. Our 24/7 support and dedicated security professionals ensure safety and security for clients and their sites. We focus on personal safety and asset protection, integrating security, training, and technology for a welcoming and secure environment.

Our security guards are proficient in handling Building Management Systems, CCTV, and Fire Safety Panels. They’re trained in observation, detection, and reporting, backed by accolades that highlight our commitment to excellence and customer service.

Guard Services Offered

We excel in various security services:

Training For Our Security Professionals

Southern Cross Security mandates training sessions for all guards, keeping them updated with regulations, policies, and safety protocols. Key sessions include Customer Service, Conflict Resolution, Threat Identification, Emergency Response Management, and First Aid Administration.

Why Choose Southern Cross Group Services

Our highly trained security personnel protect your business from potential threats. We educate clients on potential dangers, devising security strategies for their businesses, employees, and customers. Each team member is qualified for large-scale or high-risk operations.

When you hire Southern Cross security guards:

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