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Students’ safety is a paramount for universities, parents, and society. Many threats including active shooters, burglars, trespassers have disturbed peaceful environments and damaged reputations across the world. What are the solutions to ensure students’ safety?

In addition to traditional security and electronic security, the Southern Cross Group team is offering Help Points to enhance the security of students, staff, and visitors of university villages and campuses.

Help Point is a new technology designed for open spaces such as university campuses, train stations, parks, etc. It is a pole of about 3 meters heigh, weighing 150 kgs each, bolted into the ground using concrete pads. It displays an emergency button that can be used to access immediate help whether it is an emergency or a simple enquiry.

Here are a few reasons why Help Points can provide additional security to open spaces particularly university campuses and uni villages:

  • With a press of a button, you can instantly contact the control room security operators, reception or any other relevant number that is programmed by our IT team.
  • Being powered by solar panels, the Help Points do not require cabling, charging or extra charging maintenance. They are environmentally friendly and easy to install.
  • Help Points are fully customizable. They can be renamed, painted in different colours, programmed with specific contact numbers. You can opt to record the phone calls, install a camera, and 4G sim cards. It can and adapted to the branding of your institution.
  • The size matters. Help Points are a visual deterrent for people with bad intent even without pressing the button.
  • You don’t have to worry about the Help Points technical aspects, they will be installed and taken care of by our professional electronic security technicians and IT team.

Help Points are an additional security measure that will make students feel safe on the campuses or uni villages. They will walk freely at night-time knowing that with a simple push of a button, someone will be there to help them.
If you want to make students, staff, employees, visitors feel safe on the territory of your university, let us know. Our team will conduct a risk assessment and decide on the best solution for you. Help Point is a starting point.

Help Points can also be used for:

  • Train stations
  • Bus and Tram stops
  • ATM’s
  • Car parks
  • School grounds
  • Sports arenas
  • All public areas
  • Border patrols
  • Parks and gardens

Contact our Help Point Expert team to get a FREE Assessment and a FREE Quote here: info@scgroup.global.

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