Southern Cross Group (SCG) will be showcasing our brand-new security robot Bunda at the upcoming Security Expo – a first for the Australian security industry!

SCG have been contemplating the idea of introducing robotics to the Australian market for quite some time. Given the unique advantages of implementing robotics for the provision of security services, coupled with SCG’s relentless quest to uncover the most optimal blend of labour and technology, it was inevitable that they would be the first to take the next big step into the future.

SCG wanted to give their robot an Indigenous name out of respect and to acknowledge the rightful owners of our land. SCG therefore decided to name their robot ‘Bunda’ which means ‘hawk.’ The name was fitting because much like a hawk, Bunda will take security and protection to a whole new level, particularly due to its sharp vision.

Bunda stands at 1.37m tall and walks around at 4 km/hr – although it can reach up to speeds of 14 km/hr should it need to. It has 360 degree vision being equipped with 4 cameras – 3 surveillance cameras and 1 facial recognition camera. The captured video is then monitored live through SCG’s control room and should Bunda notice something unusual, it will notify the control room immediately.

Bunda can either build patrol maps via laser radar or alternatively can follow any set route specified for it. While doing so, it will automatically generate patrol reports for later reference. Bunda is careful to avoid any obstacles that come in front of it and will conveniently go ahead and charge itself at its designated charging station when low on battery.

Bunda can activate alarms in the case of an emergency and issue deterrents through its flashing lights and broadcasting announcements. Also, anyone who needs urgent help can communicate to SCG’s control room through Bunda via video chat.

Through the above functionalities, Bunda brings a wealth of improvements to SCG’s already stellar level of security services. While undoubtedly robots can never replace human guards, they help compensate for a lot of the shortcomings a human guard may have. For example:

  • Bunda’s vision is backed by advanced video analytic software. This means that certain incidents may occur which might not be picked up a normal guard, but due to its advanced technology, Bunda will detect all abnormalities.
  • Bunda is equipped with facial recognition technology, so it can identify ALL previous suspects as it is linked to a database … this is not necessarily the case with a guard as whether the guard notices a previous intruder depends on his memory and whether he is aware of the intruder in the first place
  • Bunda’s 360-degree vision allows it to monitor all directions at any one point in time, whereas a human guard can only monitor one direction at a time.
  • Bunda can protect the wellbeing and safety of the human guards themselves. In dangerous situations (e.g. smoky area or violent individual), there’s no longer a need to send a guard to address the situation … Bunda can go instead to avoid any human casualties.
  • Bunda can step up when other guards suddenly need to step down, for either being sick or just needing to go on leave.
  • Bunda by virtue of being a robot doesn’t fatigue and therefore is a great substitute for guarding in certain situations e.g. night-time shifts when guards are susceptible to missing their routes due to drowsiness.

If you would like to meet Bunda in person, then make sure not to miss him at the upcoming Security Expo, running between 24-26 July. Hope you see you there!

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