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Holiday Safety with Ken Barlow

Holiday Tips to Stay Safe and Reduce Hazard

As the festive season approaches our thoughts are often diverted from the mundane tasks of work and injuries are far from our mind, however Christmas has its own unique injury statistics. The four (4) most common being:

Burns: Burns happen too often during the festive season, from kitchen accidents through to candles and accidental fires from BBQ’s, spits and open fires. To prevent burns when cooking use kitchen mitts, never leave cooking food unattended, and that also goes for candles. Make sure you don’t overload power points particularly around natural timber Christmas trees.

Falls: Falls are very common at Christmas due to our desire to have the biggest and best decorated trees and our houses covered with fairy lights. Statistically Emergency Departments treat over 17,000 falls nationally over a 10-day period. To prevent falls use ladders correctly, use spotters when working at heights, and decorate trees and houses when sober.

Asphyxiation:  With the amount of food being ingested and the small trinkets that kids get their hands on, it’s no wonder that asphyxiation is one of the biggest injuries during the holidays. Asphyxiation is a serious concern for families with small children and caution should be taken to make sure all your holiday decorations are baby-proofed. As tempting as it is to wolf down those holiday meals, make sure you take your time to chew and swallow properly so you don’t choke on your food.

Car Accidents: Traditionally the Christmas/New Year period demonstrates the highest levels of accidents and fatalities with the Police forces throughout the country focussing on the road safety campaign. While we may well have heeded the message of drink-driving, fatigue is also a catalyst for serious injuries and fatalities. To overcome these issues, use the 2/10 principal (for every 2 hours of driving take 10 minutes break away from the car). Remember to drink ample hydrating fluids and share the driving tasks with another person.

Remember these tips and take care over the holiday period to avoid becoming a statistic

               Ken Barlow, WHS Manager

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Wear it Purple Day

Being young can be a challenging experience, especially in this modern connected age where your every move can be scrutinised and cyberbullying is rife. In response to this, the ‘Wear it Purple’ campaign seeks to help young people of all backgrounds genders and orientations feel safe, supported and empowered in each of their environments. They believe that every young person is unique, important and worthy of love, that no-one should be subjected to bullying, belittlement or invalidation, and that this should be a world where each and every young person can thrive irrelevant of sex, sexuality or gender identity.

Through education, celebration, empowerment and support, Wear it Purple Day hopes to challenge people’s perceptions to create a more accepting and progressive world. Southern Cross were proud to be a participant in this year’s event and hope to encourage our staff and clients alike to get involved at an event near them so we can help to create a safer, more inclusive world for children throughout Australia. For more information or to volunteer, please visit the website located here: http://www.wearitpurple.org/


Wear it purple 1Wear it purple 2

Brett Kenny – Still Sitting Pretty

Southern Cross are proud to welcome aboard the latest addition to our Business Development Team, Sales Representative and former Parramatta Eels and international rep footballer Brett Kenny. During his illustrious career Brett played in 17 Test Matches, made 17 State of Origin appearances and played in 4 premiership winning Parramatta teams. He is the only player in the history of the game to have scored 2 tries in 3 consecutive Grand Finals, but he faces perhaps his greatest challenge yet in the competitive world of business development. Southern Cross is hoping that Brett can bring some of that famous tenacity and razzle dazzle to the art of salesmanship as he takes our range of services on the road for prospective clients both new and old, helping to spread the word an expand the brand as we continue our national expansion

A recent guest at “On the Couch with Sterlo”, watch Brett discuss his new position at Southern Cross with fellow footy legend Peter Sterling.

See the video here:

Southern Cross Group: The Re-Structure and What You Need to Know

Southern Cross Group Divisions

As a national organization at the cutting edge of service delivery and innovation, Southern Cross has made steps in a bold new business direction. With the intention to diversify, expanding and offering our clients more than ever, Southern Cross will be undergoing a major restructure. The company will now operate as four separate divisions underpinned by the parent company, Southern Cross Group. These divisions are as follows:


  • Technology. Southern Cross Technology will focus purely on tech and innovation. Operating as experts in the industry, Southern Cross Technology will offer hardware procurement and installation, proprietary app and software development and professional website development
  • Training. A Registered Training Organisation, Southern Cross Training will operate independently to deliver a wide range nationally accredited courses throughout Australia.
  • Developments. Offering property development and construction services for residential, commercial and industrial projects, Southern Cross Developments has the capability to design, plan and build to specifications or in consultation with one of our experts.
  • Facility. Offering a range of hard and soft facility services, these operations have formed the cornerstone of the organisation to date. Southern Cross Facility’s capability includes services such as Security, Cleaning, Traffic Control and Concierge.

For Southern Cross employees working within security, cleaning, maintenance, concierge and other services, this restructure will not affect you. This is simply a change of direction to diversify and expand our operations. Through this, we will have the capability to offer clients a greater suite of services and across a larger geographical area. The proposed structure of the new business approach has been illustrated below.



Work Experience for Young Victorian

Young Cooper Bourke from Melbourne was required to undertake placement as part of Bayside Secondary College’s work experience program. After choosing Southern Cross Group and attending some time at Southern Cross sites, Cooper wrote a recount of his experience.

“It was a cold Melbourne morning when I arrived at Southern Cross Group, and I was quickly set to work. I was tasked with creating a questionnaire to use as interview questions with a group of Security Officers. The questions I created involved things along the lines of what their average day at work was like and if they ever stressed about working, just to get the gist of what being a Security Officer was like.

On the 19th of July, I interviewed my first Security Officer.  George has been with Southern Cross for over six years and a Security Officer for even longer. We sat down inside The Glen, a small shopping centre located in Glen Waverly. Once we began the interview, I received answers that I expected, but also answers that surprised me.  George explained to me that he began his career in security due to his passion for helping people.

Half way through the survey I asked the question “Do you feel safe while on the job?” George told me that he does and that he rarely ever feels unsafe. This made me think about what security officers do every day. I knew that Security Officers could experience very horrible things and to think that George never feels unsafe goes to show how his confidence overpowered the fear that a lot of other Security Officers may have while working.

George’s positive attitude gave me confidence in knowing that somebody like him was protecting, not only the shopping centre but also the people inside it. Roughly half way through the survey, I asked George if he felt as though he was properly trained and how often his training comes in useful. As expected, George exclaimed that he felt as though he was properly trained; which was another confidence boost for me. George then told me that his training comes in useful everyday, helping in any situation, from stopping a thief to saving someone having a cardiac arrest.

All in all, my work experience placement at Southern Cross Group was something I will always remember.

It not only taught me how a large security organisation functions, but also taught me various skills I can use outside the workplace. The Officers I met gave me a small insight to what being a Security Officer at Southern Cross Group was like and I’m glad in knowing that people like them will be around. I learned a lot during my week and I would recommend it for anybody searching for a work experience placement, even if they aren’t interested in security.”

Ernst & Young – Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

Eastern Region finalists in the 2016 EY Entrepreneur of the year award

Each year Ernst & Young scour the country to find individuals with the drive and ambition to turn their dreams into reality. This year, our own CEO Sam Johnson was chosen among Australia’s best and brightest as one of Sydney’s most exceptional entrepreneurs. As the winner of the 2014 WSABE Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, and with the significant growth and diversification of Southern Cross since then, Sam entered the program with high hopes of taking the title.

After a fantastic night of talks and discussions, with guest speakers Sam was a finalist for the Eastern Region (NSW and ACT), standing alongside some of Australia’s most accomplished business-people. Despite his efforts, Sam was not chosen as a National Finalist.

Congratulations on your position as Regional Finalist Sam! Next year you’ll make it all the way! Source – http://www.ey.com/au/en/newsroom/news-releases/news-nsw-and-act-ey-entrepreneur-of-the-year-tm-finalists-revealed




Newcastle Jockey Club: First Past the Post

Southern Cross Group are proud to announce we have been selected to perform security services for The Newcastle Jockey Club at their Broadmeadow and Cessnock Raceways. Selected due to our events experience and diligence in customer service training, Southern Cross relishes the challenge of adding to our events portfolio at these prestigious sites. Located in the heart of Newcastle on the picturesque Hunter Coast, the club has a proud tradition stretching back over 100 years and their Broadmeadows Racecourse is the largest provincial thoroughbred racing club in New South Wales. Raceday is always a hive of activity and excitement and Southern Cross are at the very centre of events, ensuring a seamless day out for this, the Sport of Kings.

Our Clients A selection of companies Southern Cross Group Management have experience in working with.


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