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Work Experience for Young Victorian

Young Cooper Bourke from Melbourne was required to undertake placement as part of Bayside Secondary College’s work experience program. After choosing Southern Cross Group and attending some time at Southern Cross sites, Cooper wrote a recount of his experience.

“It was a cold Melbourne morning when I arrived at Southern Cross Group, and I was quickly set to work. I was tasked with creating a questionnaire to use as interview questions with a group of Security Officers. The questions I created involved things along the lines of what their average day at work was like and if they ever stressed about working, just to get the gist of what being a Security Officer was like.

On the 19th of July, I interviewed my first Security Officer.  George has been with Southern Cross for over six years and a Security Officer for even longer. We sat down inside The Glen, a small shopping centre located in Glen Waverly. Once we began the interview, I received answers that I expected, but also answers that surprised me.  George explained to me that he began his career in security due to his passion for helping people.

Half way through the survey I asked the question “Do you feel safe while on the job?” George told me that he does and that he rarely ever feels unsafe. This made me think about what security officers do every day. I knew that Security Officers could experience very horrible things and to think that George never feels unsafe goes to show how his confidence overpowered the fear that a lot of other Security Officers may have while working.

George’s positive attitude gave me confidence in knowing that somebody like him was protecting, not only the shopping centre but also the people inside it. Roughly half way through the survey, I asked George if he felt as though he was properly trained and how often his training comes in useful. As expected, George exclaimed that he felt as though he was properly trained; which was another confidence boost for me. George then told me that his training comes in useful everyday, helping in any situation, from stopping a thief to saving someone having a cardiac arrest.

All in all, my work experience placement at Southern Cross Group was something I will always remember.

It not only taught me how a large security organisation functions, but also taught me various skills I can use outside the workplace. The Officers I met gave me a small insight to what being a Security Officer at Southern Cross Group was like and I’m glad in knowing that people like them will be around. I learned a lot during my week and I would recommend it for anybody searching for a work experience placement, even if they aren’t interested in security.”


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