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In a few hours the streets will be filled with screaming children, fun costumes and candy wrappers; not to mention the fact that your doorbell will be getting some use. Halloween can be a fun, sugar-filled night with the family but there are certain measures you should take to make sure it’s just that.

1.Be aware of potential dangers
Being aware of potential dangers is the best thing you can do to keep both you and your family safe. Make sure you know where those in your care are, be aware of your surroundings and the level of traffic and pedestrian activity.

2.Use a walkie-talkies and bright locators
Giving your child or those in your care certain markers like bright clothing, locators or a walkie-talkie can mitigate the risks of losing sight of them, or if you do, help you find where they are.

Trick or Treat - Halloween

3.Go to an area that is familiar to you
If you’re out trick or treating, it is helpful to go to an area that is known to you to minimize the risks you are exposed to. Going to somewhere with less traffic is always helpful but balancing that out with a reasonable level of pedestrian flow can be difficult. If you’re worried about traffic in the area or are going somewhere unknown, a quick google search can let you know the current conditions. Keeping an eye on the weather and volume of housing is also useful to help you manage potential dangers.

4.Thoroughly check all the candies before eating.
When your children consider eating the treats they are getting from friends or strangers, check all of them before consuming. The best is to keep only packaged candies and thoroughly checked in advance.

5.Use CCTV Cameras & your security systems
If you’re at home the most important thing is to know who is at your door before you open it. If you’ve got an external camera, make use of it. You may want to adjust the areas that they are focused on. Keep the cameras pointed at doors and windows, but you also might want to put some focus on the streets around your house.
If you don’t have a security system a simple ‘who is it?’ goes a long way.

6.Make sure your phone is functional
If anything, dangerous does occur, your phone is a great asset. You can call emergency services, use the camera to record the situation or simply call a friend to put them on standby.

7.Light Up Your Home
If you plan a Halloween Party or decide to go out, keep your home well-lit that night. Keep the lights around your house on to give the impression that someone is home and the house is protected. Moreover, well-lit areas outside your home will deter potential trespassers or bad-will tricksters.
Remember, it’s okay to say no. Whether if it’s to your children or those in your care, if the situation is particularly dangerous or you’re unsure if the person at the door is trustworthy, saying no is the safest response.
With these things in mind, the worst part of your day will hopefully be a sugar coma and nothing more serious. Southern Cross Group wishes you a safe and happy Halloween!

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