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“A moment is all it takes…” On 23 October 2018 SCG Head Office conducted site visits to check in on their hard-working security officers.

Southern Cross Group Staff, Security and Manager

As October is National Safe Work Month and Mental Health Month, we facilitated discussions with our Security Officers regarding Safe Work Practices and maintaining mental health and well-being. We were happy to hear that our Security Officers were a tight-knit group who looked after one another both inside and outside of working capacities

We encouraged our Security Officer’s to make a promise to their colleagues, friends, family, and/or themselves that would contribute to a safer work environment or mental wellbeing.

Southern Cross Group Security Officer

“I promise to go for training and stay focused on what I do”

Syed is a Site Supervisor who is dedicated to ensuring the safety and well being of not only the client and their customers but his own team members as well. Although Syed promises to go for training, he is a great asset in providing both formal and informal training to his team members.

Harry Ehasani - Southern Cross Group Security Guard

“I promise to always be happy and do the best at my job”

Harry is a Site Supervisor who emphasizes on building a strong team that can openly communicate with one another. He takes the safety of his team very seriously as they are not only colleagues but friends.

Harry Hussain - State Manager, Southern Cross Group

“I promise to be loyal and dedicated to the business”

Our NSW & ACT State Manager Harry also took part in making a promise. Harry has definitely been loyal and dedicated to the business as he has been Southern Cross Employee for 8 years! Harry runs around NSW and ACT during the week to check up on sites ensuring all safety requirements are met and employees are in good spirits.

As Work Safe Month & Mental Health Month comes to an end, we want to remind everyone that to promote safe work practices and check in with one another throughout the year.

Security Guard Southern Cross Group


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