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“This poem was written for my brothers and sisters globally in the security workforce” – Scott Taylor. Thank you for the updated version, Scott. We are so grateful for everything our security officers do on a day-to-day basis.

Transcript of this “Security Poem”

Another New Year’s Eve dealing with drunk obnoxious jerks,
We’d much rather be home with family watching fireworks,
The same sacrifice on public holidays and over Christmas too,
The time away from home is tough but it’s needed for what we do.

The crimes act, inclosed lands act and other bits of legislation,
Are items we need top of mind when working at our station,
Also, the regs, the liquor act, the lepra act and many more,
But it’s not a legal title we have hanging above our door.

We deal with tears, sadness, depression and other feelings too,
Frustration, anger and aggression we often cop from you,
We deal with vomit, blood and trauma and often much, much worse,
But the title of our job is not a Doctor or a Nurse.

We help stop theft at construction sites and assist with loss prevention,
We keep people safe at universities, at train stations, but rarely get a mention,
We do mobile patrols, control room duties and even rapid response on horse,
But we are not who you just thought of, your local Police Force.

We develop vetting policies and assist HR with background checks,
we monitor sporting event crowd density and manage social media decks,
From service focussed concierge roles through to robotics or a virtual patrol,
We do it all including temperature checks and helping infection control.

Our industry helps to keep your data safe and system free from hacks,
And over the last 12 months, we have also guarded sorbent toilet paper value packs,
We install CCTV, access control and all forms of alarm,
We are in this industry due to our protective nature, to keep you free from harm.

From what I’ve said I’m guessing now you have worked out what we do,
Perhaps you earlier thought an Ambo or one of the boys & girls in blue,
They make the same sacrifices and face the same issues of course,
But this poem was written for my brothers and sisters globally in the security workforce.

So next time you’re at a shopping centre, a footy game or a music gig,
If something’s made you unhappy, don’t lose the plot and flip your wig,
We are here to help, to keep you safe and well, I hope this poem conveys,
But it’s important to remember courtesy and respect is a street that goes both ways.

We work weird hours, we see weird things, we deal with what we must,
But the core of what we do, we know is a key position of trust,
we protect people, property, reputation and information too,
Tying it all together, we provide peace of mind for you.

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