In the past few months, most of the businesses have not generated revenue due to the COVID19 pandemic. Once the situation is under control, industries will regain momentum and so will the electronic security industry.

Due to the financial crisis and job loss in most of the industries, we shall observe new security threats and new pain points in detection and deterrence.

Once the “new normal” life settles, we will need to focus on how to solve the pain points for clients utilising electronic security and automation.

  1. Intruder alarm system
    Before COVID19, intruders or anyone with bad intent would wear a mask (most of the time) to prevent from being identified in the CCTV system. Now, it is mandatory for everyone to wear a mask. Therefore, to protect our clients and their property improved Intruder Alarm System is a must.
  2. Time and Attendance with Access Control
    These days business clients would prefer a contactless system for TA and Access Control to avoid touching surfaces and getting infected with the coronavirus. Face recognition with temperature detection will make life easier. It serves a dual purpose- TA captured contactless as well as temperature is being monitored on daily basis.
  3. Thermal Cameras
    Thermal cameras detect heat signatures, they can also effectively scan and recognise faces without masks creating an alert which is then sent to a control room. This will be useful for shopping centres and large crowd gathering places.
  4. Video Doorphone
    Before COVID a simple peephole with a fisheye lens was enough for residential door security. Now since everyone wear masks, it is good to see and talk to the person who is knocking at the door before opening the gate. Video door phone will do the job.
  5. Video analytics in CCTV
    There are a lot of specs that will enhance video analytics and have better control over crowd gathering places, such as people counting, ingress traffic analysis, traffic flow analysis, path counting, area counting, traffic heatmap, visitor journey profiling etc.
    Still, there are many aspects like gate automation, elevator automation and home automation which can be provided as a solution as per clients’ requirements.
    Please reach out to our professional team if you need any electronic security solution for your business and/or home.

David has over 17+ years of experience in Electronic Security Systems and IT Industry, technical expert with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Strong engineering professional skilled in Integration, Customer Service, Strategic planning, Telecommunications, and Leadership.


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