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Choose a Private Security Company

How to Choose a Private Security Company

It can be a very daunting task selecting the right Security. Not only is it vitally important to protect your team, customers and physical assets, you also need to ensure that you are selecting a company which can partner with you to protect your brand reputation and image. No longer is it viable to select just the cheapest option as recent investigations have demonstrated the damage which can be caused to a company where their service partners do not comply with employment and security legislation.

We have put together some tips to follow in order to select a sustainable security partner:

It is critical to ensure that the company you partner with has the required licences for the State/Territory they are working in. Any company functioning without licenses is operating illegally and exposes your business to extreme risk.

Accreditations are not a legislative requirement, however a security partner holding these provides evidence that they are motivated to perform above and beyond the standard expectations. These accreditations may include ASIAL and CSIA.

Any security partner should be able to provide proof of insurance such as public liability and professional indemnity. This ensures that should an unexpected event occur; your business is protected.

Experience and reputation
Internal and external feedback will provide valuable information as to a security partner’s reputation and experience. Reach out to some team members within the security partner’s organisation – a quick LinkedIn or Google search can assist. Review the employment history of the management team – this can help determine whether they will fit in with your business culture. Also, ask the security partner to provide one or two client references.

Customer Service and Support
24/7 support is a must. Ensure that there is always someone to contact in case of an emergency. In addition, specialised account management will ensure that you receive dedicated support including analytics and insights into KRI’s, KPI’s and account management. A security partner should be able to be adaptable and work with you in developing a security program that will meet the needs of your business, not the other way around.

Customer Service and Support

Continuous improvement
All businesses should be on a journey of continuous improvement, and security partners are no exception. The risk landscape is constantly evolving, and you want to ensure that the security company you are partnering with has a dedicated learning and development program to guarantee that all team members are equipped to deal with any situation which may present.

By using the tips above, you will be well on your way to selecting a security partner that will be successful and sustainable for your business. We at Southern Cross Group are always willing to provide some additional advice or information as to how we can help partner with you. Please reach out to any of our team for a confidential discussion.


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