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Southern Cross Group Security K9 handlers are professional in providing a visual and real deterrent to persons with bad intentions. Our K9 teams consist of German Shepherd, Rottweilers, Belgium Malinois, Dutch Shepherds and suitably assessed dogs with the correct temperament.

When protecting Critical Government infrastructure, Government & Private facilities, car parks, schools and train yards the deployment of a trained K9 team has the advantage of being highly visible. K9’s enhanced hearing and smell can detect disturbances from long distances well before a person or CCTV system.

Engaging security dogs can considerably decrease the number of security guards needed in a lot of situations. Our security K9 can also be trained for specific roles such as to search buildings, vehicles, and explosive detection.

Each dog has a strong, close bond with their handler resulting in an effective partnership that will deliver the ultimate team to secure you and your business.

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