Southern Cross Group Services is uniquely placed to provide a suite of specialist training programs that can be individually developed for our clients based on the results of a training needs analysis or from the findings of the vulnerability/risk assessments we have completed.

Some of the specialist programs we offer include:

Armed Robbery – Prevention and Response Methodologies

Includes items such as current trend analysis, site target hardening principles, procedure planning and review, the human factor or robbery and crime scene management.

Conflict Identification and Mitigation

Includes elements such as identification of conflict triggers, self-management under pressure, enhanced communication skills, stance and positioning considerations, cultural considerations, Incident escalation response planning.

Enhancing Situational Awareness

Includes elements such as base behaviour profiling, Managing complacency, observation and cognitive processing enhancement.

Social Media – Security and Online Safety

Includes elements such as social engineering and identity theft, social media security protocols, social media threats, managing your online reputation, effective use of social media in security planning and operations.

Active Assailant (Active Shooter) Program

Includes elements on lockdown practices (preventative vs emergency, preparedness frameworks, communication escalation protocols and response methodologies).

Travel Awareness Safety Training

This personal training session is tailored to you and your family / travelling partners. Learn tried and tested personal safety techniques for when travelling abroad.

A.I.R Training (Advanced Interception and Restraint)

Specific Close Quarter training ideal for air travel passengers

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