The development, review and subsequent effective implementation of risk mitigation programs and overarching security management and safety plans/systems is a very specialised field of knowledge. Southern Cross Consultancy is experienced in providing these specialist services to a diverse client base across the globe.

Through the highest level of industry engagement and ongoing participation in relevant councils, working groups and standards committees, Southern Cross Consultancy can benchmark against International and National best practice and standards and subsequently utilise this information in the research, development and audit of risk mitigation strategies for our valued client base. Southern Cross Consultancy seamlessly blend technology, people and processes to assist with the mitigation of our clients risks and enhance their resilience.

Through our structured security audit process mapped against identified best practice, we can provide organisational wide reviews and develop a tangible gap analysis. This then lays the foundation for us to provide detailed recommendations and a clear roadmap towards success. To ensure all suggested treatments and responses are underpinned by necessary operational efficiencies, effective planning and a tailored approach is essential and as such, Southern Cross Consultancy clearly outlines all needed touchpoints and requirements to all stakeholders involved in the process at the commencement of service.

We understand our clients have unique risk landscapes and as such, each solution provided is individualised.

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