Safety in Workplace and Home

workplace health and safety - First Aid Kit

Today SCG are supporting Safety Week QLD, and are at Carindale Westfield. We are speaking to the local shoppers about the importance of safety both in the workplace and in the home. We are selling First Aid Kits, and promoting the training courses we offer around Safety, such as First Aid & Workplace Health & Safety.

Not only we visit the shop’s whereas we visit the Local organizations, such as fire departments, hospitals, commercial places, amenities etc.

By the way of canvassing we make the new staffs in the workplace where they need a basic orientation about company safety and health guidelines and emergency procedures. All employees need specific training on the hazards of their jobs. We say that as you employers have the most specialist in the workplace and they have the greatest responsibility, but it’s important for their own care that they understand everyone’s health and safety duties, including yours. By providing our safety training catalogues, first aid kits and we teach to how to use it during the time of necessity and displaying our video on screens.

By providing these it supports them by,

  • Avoid the workplace injuries and sicknesses.
  • Development of compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Reduce costs, including important reductions in workers’ compensation premiums.
  • Engage labors.
  • Improving social responsibility goals.

Our aim is to not only to have the importance of safety for adults, especially we take and make to understand in kids.

We communicate with them wide digital media, role play are used to educate and involve children in a fun and cooperative manner. It makes them to empower for safety, helpful and respectful decisions in their routine lives.

We train and teach as follows:

  • Tricky people/inappropriate adult behaviors
  • Being Confident and Getting help from busy adults
  • Basic self defense
  • Safety measure on (Online, Travel, Fire, Injury Prevention)
  • Basic First Aid.

We make the awareness to all ages of peoples to lead a safety life from risk.