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Ernst & Young – Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

Eastern Region finalists in the 2016 EY Entrepreneur of the year award

Each year Ernst & Young scour the country to find individuals with the drive and ambition to turn their dreams into reality. This year, our own CEO Sam Johnson was chosen among Australia’s best and brightest as one of Sydney’s most exceptional entrepreneurs. As the winner of the 2014 WSABE Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, and with the significant growth and diversification of Southern Cross since then, Sam entered the program with high hopes of taking the title.

After a fantastic night of talks and discussions, with guest speakers Sam was a finalist for the Eastern Region (NSW and ACT), standing alongside some of Australia’s most accomplished business-people. Despite his efforts, Sam was not chosen as a National Finalist.

Congratulations on your position as Regional Finalist Sam! Next year you’ll make it all the way! Source – http://www.ey.com/au/en/newsroom/news-releases/news-nsw-and-act-ey-entrepreneur-of-the-year-tm-finalists-revealed




Newcastle Jockey Club: First Past the Post

Southern Cross are proud to announce we have been selected to perform security services for The Newcastle Jockey Club at their Broadmeadow and Cessnock Raceways. Selected due to our events experience and diligence in customer service training, Southern Cross relishes the challenge of adding to our events portfolio at these prestigious sites. Located in the heart of Newcastle on the picturesque Hunter Coast, the club has a proud tradition stretching back over 100 years and their Broadmeadows Racecourse is the largest provincial thoroughbred racing club in New South Wales. Raceday is always a hive of activity and excitement and Southern Cross are at the very centre of events, ensuring a seamless day out for this, the Sport of Kings.

Safety Tip: Green Cleaning for A Cleaner Future

In the cleaning industry, we are often told that ‘Green’ alternatives are superior to their harmful, chemical counterparts. But why is this the case? Why is green cleaning so much better than traditional products? The following list of benefits from care.com highlights why green cleaning products are undoubtedly the way of the future:

Safer Spaces

Some of the chemicals we use to clean client sites contain dangerous and harmful chemicals, some of which require us to wear protective equipment like gloves or goggles. Part of this risk is also passed on to clients and their customers who interact with these sites. Studies show that cleaning products which linger in the air and remain on surfaces can raise the risk of asthma development. Since green cleaning products don’t use these harsh chemicals, the risk is entirely removed.

Cleaner Environment

When cleaning sites, it’s easy to overlook the impact we are having on the environment. Many chemicals used in cleaning can damage aquatic ecosystems and harm the animals living in these areas. Many green cleaning products are biodegradable and can be more safely disposed in waterways, minimising the impact on the environment. Additionally, most green products utilise recyclable packaging, which can also result in cleaner environments.

Safer Products

Remember the protective equipment mentioned earlier? While many conventional cleaning products contain ingredients which can burn and irritate the skin and eyes, green products are often non-corrosive and meet strict standards regarding inhalation, toxicity, combustibility and skin absorption.

Better Air Quality

Many people can’t stand the smell of strong chemicals, and in some cases this could result in reduced business for our clients. On the other hand, green products are often made with natural oils and fragrances to produce pleasant odours.

From these few points, it’s easy to see that green cleaning is the way to go. Green initiatives have already begun at many of our cleaning sites to protect our staff, clients and everybody who interacts with these places.

For the full article, visit https://www.care.com/a/7-benefits-of-green-cleaning-1303041029

Outstanding Incident Response

During a recent incident at Westfield Parramatta involving a travelator, Southern Cross Group’s Security Officers reacted swiftly to take crowd controlling measures and ensure the safety of shoppers. During this high-pressure incident, our Officers acted professionally and efficiently, diffusing the situation and contacting the appropriate emergency services. In light of their efforts and outstanding team work, we are very proud to award the following team members:

  • Iputake Palu
  • Michael Khan
  • Farhad Rasouli
  • Nate Hoeft
  • John Gorton
  • Mustafa Sinnep
  • Roberto Asame
  • Nahmatullah Wardak
  • Abdul Rahman

Parramatta Awards collage

Colonnades Mother’s Day Surprise

To celebrate Mother’s Day and show our appreciation for all the incredible women in our lives, Southern Cross teamed up with Vicinity Centres to conduct a special Mother’s Day initiative at Collonades Shopping Centre in South Australia. From May 7th to 9th, once every hour, Southern Cross security officers randomly selected a lucky mother to receive a small gift of a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates and a card to show our thanks for all the hard work they do. All of the chosen mothers were pleasantly surprised by the gesture, one mother reportedly expressing her gratitude by saying “Wow! It looks like I’m getting something for Mother’s Day after all!”.

That’s fantastic customer service!Mother Collage

Customer Service Excellence

Southern Cross are proud of the excellent customer service skills displayed by our staff. A recent example of this took place at Westfield Hurstville where team members Peter, Bill and Bianca all went out of their way to help Westfield customers.

Peter showed true compassion when he helped an elderly lady through the centre, took her to the taxi rank, booked the taxi and waited until it came.

Bill also went that extra mile with an elderly lady who was feeling dizzy. He helped her where the medical centre would not, by simply doing a read of her blood pressure.

Bianca made such a great impression with a customer in making sure that she enjoyed her experience at The Rooftop Dining that the customer called to say how impressed she was.

The Hurstville team also made an enormous effort to assist and comfort a young girl with autism who was involved in an incident at the centre. The mother of the child even called to express her gratitude.

Great work team, you’ve truly provided an excellent demonstration of our core company values: Loyalty, Courage, Respect, Integrity and Honesty.

Southern Cross Group Services win at the Western Sydney Business Awards for Excellence

WSABE Awards - Southern Cross Group Team

Building upon our success last year, when CEO Sam Johnson won the ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ award, Southern Cross is delighted to be honoured at the Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence (WSABE) 2015 award: a win in Excellence in Business category and a finals berth in the Excellence in Innovation category.

WSABE is hosted by the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce and recognises businesses within the Greater Western Sydney region for their outstanding achievements and success.

Southern Cross’ victory in the Business Excellence category highlights our success in attaining significant growth and demonstrating the specific strategies and processes implemented to achieve sustainable growth in the 2014 financial year.

The Excellence in Innovation award recognises businesses that have made significant contributions to their industry through the introduction or improvement of an idea, method, technology, process or application. Southern Cross achieved a finalist status in this category via the implementation of industry leading practices of numerous innovations such as our proprietary IT system, C.R.O.S.S.

The evening was also a great chance to rub shoulders with other successful up-and-coming companies, entrepreneurs, and established businesses from Western Sydney. Southern Cross is once again grateful and humbled to be a part of such a fantastic event and we look forward to next year’s awards with an eye on the future.

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