Shopping centres are active and wonderful environments designed for the enjoyment of all visitors and tenants. Providing a welcoming and safe environment is paramount. Centre Management face challenges daily, in particularly with security due to a large amount of people gathering in these shopping precincts.

Various challenges ranging from crime to liability issues must be taken into consideration when planning and designing an effective security management strategy. A key part of the strategy is to utilise an experienced retail security solutions company who will work with Centre Management to fully anticipate customer and tenant needs and provide a safe and secure environment for all.

The benefits of utilising Southern Cross Group Services Security Officers are:

Visual Deterrent
The physical presence of security guards in shopping centres and retail places are a visual deterrent for people who may be considering causing harm or problems. They help to deter trouble and ensure positive customer experiences. A feeling of ease is significantly valued in highly active environments with the presence of security officers.

Public Relations
Uniformed security guards also serve as Ambassadors for the Shopping Centres. The on-site security guards offer friendly and informative assistance to customers and tenants, adding to the polished image and positive experiences whilst being in the shopping centre.

Safety Officers
Safety is essential. Our Security professionals are trained and skilled in Risk and Hazard Assessment, Crime Prevention, Public Liability, Conflict Resolution, Emergency Response, First Aid and Customer service. They have hands-on experience in ensuring a risk-free environment and are experienced in liaising with local police, client stakeholders and emergency services for proactive security.

Procedures – people and asset protection
Risk management plans and incident reporting procedures are a core of our site activities ensuring our clients experience minimum monetary and reputation damage. We acknowledge that providing a comfortable and safe environment for customers, tenants and staff, and maximising asset protection is of utmost importance to Southern Cross Group Services.

We deliver a combination of technology, training and security ensuring our clients provide a welcoming and safe environment for all who visit their properties or sites. A feeling of ease is significantly valued, especially in highly active environments.

Putting your customers first 24/7 Support
We are the largest retail security solutions provider in Australia and will provide highly skilled security guards for your unique scope of services and requirements including:

  • Security and safety for front-of-house and back-of-house/loading dock areas
  • Car Park Patrols
  • CCTV and electronic security solutions including smartphone technology
  • Retail security and loss prevention services
  • Rapid response to criminal incidents
  • Assistance in medical emergencies
  • Lost children, child friendly safe zones and procedures
  • Unauthorised usage of photos/videos or media presence in prohibited places
  • Crowd Control during Shopping Centre promotions and events
  • Additional security officers during peak holiday times
  • Training in life threatening situations
  • Emergency evacuation processes and drills

Return on Investment
Our staff are multi-skilled in handling BMS, CCTV and Fire Safety Panels, trained in observation, detection and reporting. They are also tech savvy in security technology, surveillance, access control security and online reporting systems. This holistic security approach is effective in ensuring the best outcome for our clients and generating a ROI opportunity.

Security Guard


  1. Nice post . security is always concern visit:-

  2. I agree that security guards are good as a visual deterrent. When people see the security guards, they will be less likely to try anything in the shopping center. If I owned a business, I would for sure put a security guard or two at the front gate and entrance.


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